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Burke weighs in on voter ID; gay marriage

Burke weighs in on voter ID; gay marriage

MADISON, Wis. (AP) _ Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke says she supports gay marriage and opposed a 2006 constitutional amendment in Wisconsin that prohibited gay marriage and civil unions.

Burke voiced her support for gay marriage during a Monday interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Burke announced her candidacy for governor earlier this month and has been doing a series of interviews with news organizations ever since. She is the only announced challenger to Republican Gov. Scott Walker so far.

Burke also says she opposes a Wisconsin law put on hold by the courts that would require voters to show photo identification before voting.

Burke says she would try to avoid tax increases, but stopped short of pledging no increases if elected.

Burke also spoke to the Wisconsin State Journal on the expansion of private school vouchers.  Burke says she would have capped the program at 1,000 students.




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